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Febtruary 15, 2010

Debra Medina has been presenting a solid free market/live and let live campaign for the Republican nomination for governor of Texas. She is now well into double digits in the polls. She may not win the Republican Primary (this time), but she has provided a great litmus test as to who is for real as far as loving liberty and who is a fraud.

On the national level we can now identify two more people who clearly are infiltrators of the live and let live philosophy, and are attempting to take control of the freedom movement to keep it safely in the hands of the power elite.

Sarah Palin recently campaigned in Texas against Medina, and for an insider opponent of Medina, Rick Perry. This is what the Austin Statesman has to say about Perry:

Perry is firmly establishment in Texas but has campaigned as anti-Washington in his March 2 GOP primary race against U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison.

This is what the Statesman reports Palin said about Perry:

“The stakes are so high in America today,” said Palin, who brought her youngest daughter, Piper, to the event. “I look forward to Texas sending Washington a message because you’re doing it right in Texas.

“This election will send an important message how Washington can solve the problems: the Texas way or the Washington way… Washington is broken but your state, under Rick Perry, is setting an example that a lot of others want to follow.”

Another “freedom lover”, Glenn Beck set Medina up with some questions out of the blue about 9-11 that were clearly designed by Perry operatives.

Caller Reaction to Glenn Beck backstabbing patriot candidate Debra Medina

In the past, the only Glenn Beck stuff I have seen was what he did on Goldman Sachs, which was always solid. However, I have also seen the internet posts about him being a plant. What he did with Medina was a hit job, which means we know where Beck really stands when the chips are down, and whose phone calls he answers.

[efoods]Bottom line, Ron Paul has started a very powerful anti-big government movement. It is too powerful for the elite to simply stop, so they have plants posing as part of the grassroots movement to direct it ever so subtly back towards the mainstream. There are likely other such operatives in the Tea Party movement, itself. They are kind of like sleeper cells ready to be activated when needed.

I have always been suspicious about Palin and have never said much positive about her. Medina has now clearly smoked her out. It’s the same thing with Beck. This boy is a major league hit man called in for special occasions. There is simply no chance he didn’t understand how he was manipulating the questioning of Medina and how Perry would be able to use it.

One closing thought, if the heavy guns, Palin and Beck are being used to take out Medina, that’s two very good reasons to vote for her. Clearly, the elite are very scared of Medina.

If you don’t know about Debra Medina’s bid for governor in Texas, watch the interview below.

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