Kurt Nimmo
February 18, 2010

Tea Party Sarah threw a bucket of cold water on the movement the other day. Speaking before a crowd of Republican faithfuls in Arkansas on Tuesday, Palin praised the movement the corporate media claims she owns and then said independents have to pick a party.

Members of the Tea Party need to realize they are being played by the empty vessel Palin.

She declared America is firmly mired in the two party system and the Tea Party has to make a choice.

“Now the smart thing will be for independents who are such a part of this Tea Party movement to, I guess, kind of start picking a party,” Palin said. “Which party reflects how that smaller, smarter government steps to be taken? Which party will best fit you? And then because the Tea Party movement is not a party, and we have a two-party system, they’re going to have to pick a party and run one or the other: ‘R’ or ‘D’.”

She then said the Republican party platform best reflects the beliefs of the Tea Party movement. Her remarks were revived directly from the 2008 vice presidential stump, including her repeated invocations of former president Ronald Reagan.

Reagan talked the talk but did not walk the walk. He increased the size of government and spent more money — borrowed at interest from bankers — than his predecessors. He funded death squads in Latin America and warned that the Sandinistas would be marching through Texas if the Pentagon did not stop them. He squandered billions of military boondoggles like Star Wars.

Republican George W. Bush ran up the deficit and the national debt to historical levels and started two wars that have so far resulted in the murder of well over a million people. Bush and the neocons trashed the Constitution and the Bill of Rights under the pretense of the global war on (manufactured) terrorism. They kidnapped people around the world and flew them to torture dungeons. Government did not shrink under the leadership of Bush and the Republicans. Most Americans did not see their taxes reduced or eliminated.

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At the $175 per seat event in Arkansas, Palin once again showed her true colors — the colors of a warmongering neocon. “Palin then said that a nuclear weapon in the hands of a regime or terrorist group was the biggest threat to the country, specifically mentioning Iran, and added that she believed the country’s debt also negatively affected national security,” reports CBS News.

The biggest threat to the country is an astronomical debt owed to a gaggle of international bankers that has decimated the middle class, shipped its jobs to third world slave gulags, and will impoverish future generations. The threat is not Iran — a country that has not attacked (unlike the United States) its neighbors in centuries — or cave-dwelling terrorists.

The good news is that a lot of seats at the Palin event were empty. It looks like members of the Tea Party movement have finally realized Sarah Palin is a Trojan Horse designed to defeat the movement and steer people back to the Republican side of the bankster party.

As reported yesterday on the Alex Jones Show, a prominent insider told Infowars that Texas Governor Rick Perry and other establishment neocons have decided to deliberately target grass roots constitutionalists with dirty tricks campaigns in an effort to derail and hijack the growing liberty movement.

“Our office was contacted by a national personality, a household name, who told us that they were in a green room at a national public event a few weeks ago with Rick Perry. The individual was shocked when Perry said directly that there were three people who ‘got under his skin’ and who ‘had to be dealt with’ immediately,” Paul Joseph Watson wrote on February 17.

Watson notes that the effort is most likely being steered by Karl Rove, master Republican political strategist and former Rick Perry campaign manager.

Rove cut his teeth pulling off dirty tricks against the political enemies of Richard Nixon. “Rove’s dirty tricks on behalf of Nixon’s 1972 campaign catapulted Rove onto the national stage. From his Eagle’s Nest in the West Wing of the White House, Rove now directs a formidable political dirty tricks operation and disinformation mill,” Wayne Madsen wrote in 2002. He remains an essential asset for the Republicans.

Members of the Tea Party need to realize they are not only being played by the empty vessel Palin, but are also being set-up by the vicious operative Karl Rove. Members of the Tea Party need to assert their independence from the Republicans and get back to their libertarian roots.

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