Hurricane Maria ripped through the Caribbean island nation of Dominica, tearing roofs from homes and striking fear into the hearts of inhabitants. Sputnik collected the most shocking eye-witness accounts of the natural disaster.

Roosevelt Skerrit, the Prime Minister of the island nation of approximately 73,500 people, said that his country “has been devastated” by Hurricane Maria; what people have published proves it.

This video shows the category five storm slamming into the island.

The horrendous moments when Hurricane Maria crept towards Dominica were also captured by this Twitter user.

This footage shows boats rocked by the hurricane as it makes its way to Dominica.

Another Twitter user made a video of floods caused by the hurricane.

This man recounts the hurricane destroying the roof of his home.

Even the roof of the Prime Minister himself was no match for the fearsome tempest.

This video captured the reaction of several locals to the hurricane ripping the roof off a home.

Another clip shows roofless dwellings hit by Hurricane Maria.

Earlier this month, Hurricane Irma tore through the Caribbean, devastating several islands before making its way to Florida, where it caused flooding and massive power outages. At least 26 people died.

Earlier, on August 25, Hurricane Harvey made its way to the central coast of Texas, becoming the largest storm to hit the United States since disastrous Hurricane Katrina inundated New Orleans with an unprecedented deluge in 2005. The hurricane claimed the lives of at least 82 people, Texas officials said.

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