The Daily Mail
July 28, 2013

Delta Airlines is in the midst of a PR nightmare after a former college professor who is unable to walk filed a lawsuit claiming that the airline refused to accommodate his disability and forced him to crawl down the aisle of a plane, down a flight of steps and across a tarmac at a Massachusetts airport – twice.

According to the suit, filed on July 23, in U.S. Federal District Court in Hawaii, D. Baraka Kanaan claims that on July 26, 2012, he was scheduled to take a series of Delta flights from his home in Hawaii to Nantucket Island in Massachusetts to attend a conference.

Mr. Kanaan, who suffers partial paralysis of his legs stemming from a car accident in 2000, claims he called a Delta customer service representative several weeks before his scheduled trip to let them know about his disability, and that he would need a lift to get onto the airplane and an aisle chair to get him to his seat.

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