Paramedics who attended to the Ebola diagnosed patient in Dallas were not contacted by hospital officials, local or state health officials, or the CDC to inform them that they were driving around in an ambulance that could be contaminated with the infectious virus.

According to a report by Breitbart News, one of the paramedics himself says that it was not until 48 hours after he had transported Thomas Duncan to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital that he was informed that he could be driving around in an Ebola contaminated death trap.

“[It was] 48 hours later before they finally took the ambulance out of service,” said Dallas Paramedic Geoffrey Aklinski in a discussion on Facebook, referring to the September 28th incident when Duncan was picked up, violently vomiting, at his apartment.

“None of them have been contacted. None of the paramedics that were on that shift and went in the ambulance were contacted. I’ve been off three days now. No one contacted me and I was in and drove that ambulance after it was infected.” Aklinski adds.

The Dallas Fire Department finally put the ambulance into quarantine on Wednesday, a full day after the diagnosis was made public. It is not known how many paramedics drove the ambulance during the 48 hour period or how many patients were transported.

“This is definitely a concern and exposed workers have not been contacted or tested… like me,” Aklinski notes. “I had to call into control in Dallas at 8 pm and complain to get evaluated.”

“Three days after the fact, I had to demand exposure testing and they are reporting following up with all the people in the ambulance??? Bull crap!!! They haven’t even followed up with the ten firefighters that were on duty Sunday.” Aklinski urges.

“How do you not test and contact the firefighters at the station on Sunday!!! Only the two medics and the intern on the ambulance? I was freaking in that ambulance hours later driving it!!! No one bothered to contact me about it?!!!” he adds.

Aklinski also claims that he has attempted to contact mainstream media outlets to get the story out, but has been rebuffed at every turn. “They just go with the official reports,” Aklinski, who is due to undergo a 3 week home quarantine, stated.

The revelations, if accurate, are the latest to add to a long list of clumsy reactions to the arrival of the virus in the US. On Wednesday, it was revealed that Duncan was sent home for 2 days with antibiotics by officials at the hospital because they did not test him for Ebola, despite the fact he told them he had traveled from Liberia.

The lax response by health officials has promoted the CDC to issue a nationwide alert to all hospitals updating them of how to appropriately respond to possible cases of the deadly disease.

Yesterday, images of unprotected workers cleaning up Duncan’s Ebola contaminated vomit emerged. The men in the images are not wearing masks, gowns, gloves or hazmat suits, and are simply washing away the vomit with water hoses. In addition, Duncan’s apartment, in which family members have been quarantined, was not decontaminated until yesterday evening.

In 2010, the Obama administration scrapped CDC Ebola directives outlining how to stop the virus spreading through the US, and has still not restricted any incoming flights from the Ebola hot zone, despite the fact that European countries did so weeks ago.


Steve Watson is a London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’, and He has a Masters Degree in International Relations from the School of Politics at The University of Nottingham, and a Bachelor Of Arts Degree in Literature and Creative Writing from Nottingham Trent University.

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