A University of North Dakota professor penned an op-ed claiming she felt threatened by the guns used in the school’s ROTC exercises.

Heidi Czerwiec, an associate professor of English, says she was absolutely terrified when she looked out her window and saw uniformed men performing military maneuvers with guns.

“I look up from my office computer to see two figures in camo with guns outside my window,” Czerwiec wrote in the Grand Forks Herald over the weekend. “My first thought is for my students’ and my safety: I grab my phone, crawl under my desk and call 911.”

The professor claims she was so overcome with fear she could barely utter words.

“I can barely talk—first, with fear, and then with rage when the dispatcher reports back that yes, in fact, I’ve probably just seen ROTC cadets, though they’re going to send an officer to check because no one has cleared it with them. They thank me for reporting it,” writes Czerwiec.

Next Czerwiec says a “university officer” called to scold and inform her that ROTC had been cleared to perform the maneuvers, adding that they would be “doing these exercises for the next couple weeks.”

“So I reply that I guess I’ll be calling 911 for the next couple weeks—and I will. Every time,” she writes.

“It’s not my job to decide whether people carrying guns at school are an actual threat,” she reasons. “It’s my job to teach and to get home to my family.”

Czierwiec closed her statements calling the ROTC’s routines “highly inappropriate,” “unnecessary” and “especially irresponsible.”

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