“He was not rude but they had security come in to take him out,” says one parent

Julie Wilson
September 23, 2013

A parent trying to get answers regarding the curriculum his children are learning, was aggressively thrown out, arrested and charged with second-degree assault on a police officer during a school board meeting in Maryland last week.

The father, Robert Small, challenged school officials arguing the Common Core curriculum is preparing kids for ‘community college, not Harvard.’

According to Michelle Malkin.com, the confrontation took place during a question-and-answer meeting in which questions were censored by only allowing submitted written questions, which prohibited parents from standing up and speaking.

“In a nutshell, it was an hour and a half long and the first hour was Dallas Dance, [county superintendent] Lillian Lowery, a PTA leader, and a teacher from Cantonsville High School basically tell us how great this was going to be,” said an email from a Baltimore County parent.

“Finally, a frustrated parent [Robert Small] got up and interrupted Lillian Lowery [state superintendent] and was challenging one of her pre-planned answers, reports Malkin.

“He was not rude but they had security come in to take him out.”

“He was just a dad trying to get some information about his children’s education and ended up in jail for not sitting down and shutting up,” said the email.

Last week Fox News ran a report about 4th grade students in La., who were given assignments that included the words “Po Pimp” and “mobstaz.”

The lesson was an initiative from the Common Core State Standards program, which happens to be backed by the Obama administration and enacted in 45 states, the District of Columbia and four territories.

Brittney Badeaux was horrified when she heard her 9-year son say the words “Po Pimp” and “mobstaz;” the whole assignment was reportedly filled with “Ebonics.”

The superintendent of this La. school defended the program saying children need to know how to read “real world texts,” and “Po Pimp” and “mobstaz” are words children are going to learn in the real world.

Fortunately communities are beginning to stand up against the Common Core program. The controversy has caused multiple states to yank the curriculum from their schools.

“The math program does not demand correct answers, just justification of answers, and the English program emphasizes ‘informational texts’ (which at best are more suited for social studies courses, and at worst are outright propaganda) rather than classic literature and analysis. Even the literature is sexually explicit and comes with ideologically biased questions,” reported Freedom Outpost.

“The text of the Constitution has even been altered in textbooks adhering to the program’s standards, and in textbooks written by the College Board, which administers SAT and AP exams, and which will revise its own exams to adhere to the standards even in states in which they are not accepted,” states the report.

Also, data-mining is allegedly being used to document children’s disciplinary actions and their personal beliefs.

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