Paris police were last week left red-faced after €2.5 million worth of seized cocaine “went missing” from the force’s headquarters. Two days later, an officer was arrested on suspicion of stealing the drug haul.

Could a trusted narcotics police officer steal more than 50 kilograms (110 pounds) of cocaine right under the nose of his colleagues? This is just one of the many questions investigators are asking as they probe one of the most spectacular thefts to hit the prestigious Paris police headquarters.

Here is the story so far…

The investigation

The suspect was arrested on Saturday while on holiday with his wife and daughter near the city of Perpignan, in southwestern France. He has been brought back to Paris, where he is in custody and is being questioned by the force’s internal investigators.  People close to the inquiry have described the man in custody as behaving “arrogantly” and “saying almost nothing” during interrogations.

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