Aaron Dykes
December 15, 2009

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As previously reported, even religion has become a tool for the climate change agenda. A Yale-based project seeks to expand religious coalitions "both covertly and overtly" on climate change. This has manifest in ways such as a "Day of Prayer on Climate Change" and through organizations seeking ‘pathways to religious environmentalism.’

Not surprisingly, the Parliament of World Religions has also organized around ‘faithful’ action on climate change. Its December 3-9, 2009 meeting in Melbourne focused on a statement to Copenhagen, endorsing the target of 350ppm to be adopted in treaty discussions.

The spokesmen calls on ‘rich nations’ who "rescued the financial sector" to now "rescue the planet." Like so many inter-religious organizations, this one appears to be in lock-step with the globalist agenda, materialized at Copenhagen, and disseminated through the United Nations, the World Bank, the IMF and etc.

The Parliament of World Religions states its aim to:

Engage worldwide religious, spiritual, secular, environmental, business and educational leaders to seek commitment and practical solutions through dialogue.

Work with others and within their own traditions to craft faithful responses to "global poverty and global warming" and "environmental care and degradation"

While the overall purpose of the ‘parliament’ is quite vague (i.e. world peace), the purpose for 2009, timed to coincide with the Copenhagen summit, seems, in part, to give the impression that billions across the planet, under the umbrella of any/all of the world’s faiths, are somehow in unified support of the Copenhagen agenda.

Even the most sincerely held convictions that we should save the Earth will do nothing, other than transfer wealth via a new carbon tax structure to the same greedy bankers– and Al Gore– who’ve carried out some of the worst environmental atrocities.

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