A man’s truck was vandalized with spray paint reading “Trump” and then set on fire, likely due to his pro-Trump bumper stickers.

“To destroy somebody else’s property, just because you don’t like how they think or because they have a difference of opinion–it’s absurd,” truck owner Adam MacKay said.

MacKay parked the truck outside Garage Bar and Grille in Vancouver, Washington on Sunday night and came back Monday morning to find it burnt to a crisp.

“It was completely melted,” he explained. “The light bar on top was liquified… it was bad.”

MacKay believes his Trump 2020 bumper stickers triggered a leftist so bad they resorted to arson.

“Maybe he wasn’t the guy you voted for or maybe he wasn’t who you wanted in office but now he is,” Mackay proclaimed.

The blaze was reported by several residents who live near the bar, with one man describing, “I was sleeping on my couch around 2:30 and all of a sudden I hear a loud ‘boom’ and the windows shake.”

The bar owner is cooperating with police and has turned over surveillance footage that may help apprehend any suspects.

A similar incident took place just before Trump’s 2016 election when another truck with Trump bumper stickers was torched in Sacramento, California.

As midterms approach, violent leftists are ramping up their hate-filled rhetoric and taking it out on anyone who gets in their way.

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