Florida man charged in Delta flight bomb scare

April 28, 2010

Derek Stansberry, 27, was accused of claiming he had dynamite in boots in his backpack with a pressure trigger and that he also had explosives in his laptop, according to an FBI affidavit filed in U.S. district court in Maine.

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Delta flight 273 was diverted to Bangor, Maine where the plane and luggage were searched, however, no explosives were found. The passengers were forced to stay overnight there and were due to arrive in Atlanta on Wednesday afternoon.

During interviews with law enforcement agents, Stansberry told them that he had top security clearances, had classified information and other passengers on the plane had tried to interrogate him, though none had in fact talked to him, the court papers said.

“He decided to claim that he had a bomb in order to divert attention from the fact that he had classified information,” the affidavit said.


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