A group of patriots attending the 2nd Amendment rally in Richmond, Virginia, called out an agitator embedded within their group trying to call for violence.

“Want to start the revolution today?” the provocateur asks an attendee. “Want to hop those fences and kill that guy?”

Nearby attendees were having none of it.

“He’s stirring stuff up,” one man said.

“Are you conservative?” another man asked.

“That is NOT how we are,” a third man said. “I think what that guy just said was absurd. We don’t believe in going and killing people. This is a peaceful rally. We’re here to stand with the people.”

The provocateur tried to save face, but to no avail.

“I agree sir,” he said. “I’m here peacefully. I wasn’t trying to stir up anything.”

“You said something so extreme, and that’s exactly what the left wants!” a patriot retorted.

“What the fuck was that shit about going and killing people? What the fuck was that?” another man asked. “We know what you’re about. You’re an infiltrator. Get the fuck out.”

Virginia State Senator Amanda Chase warned on Friday that the left was preparing to set up agitators at the rally for the mainstream media to demonize Second Amendment supporters.


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Alex Jones reports live from the massive 2nd Amendment rally at the Virginia state capital.

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