Check out the latest submissions to the Infowars reporter contest below.

The Migration to Madness
Max Plageus
Matthew J Logan

National Security on the Southern Boarder
Greg Reese

The land of milk and honey or sorrow and tears: Welcome to pedoland
Moses Collins

FASCIST REGIME with Godfrey Bloom ~ Daily Brexit for
Olly Connelly

Hillary Clinton Protested in Dublin #ClintonBodyCount
Think More
Sylvester Mater

Infowars reporter/hiring contest last entry
Ninja Alex420
Alexander Olken

THE WORD ON THE STREET – Infowars Reporter Contest – Matt Crews
Erwins RealNews
Matt Crews

Public Shaming
Greg Reese

NIFLA v Becerra
Greg Reese

Thoughts on Alex Jones’ Emergency Transmission before Sunday’s 06/24/18 Broadcast
Anthony Castelluci

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