A.M. Freyed
July 16, 2012

Much has been written about Bill Gates’ “new-world-order” oriented philanthropy but much less about Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen’s affection for the neo-fascism of global governance.

Like his erstwhile partner, Allen is becoming a world-class peddler of such fascism and his Green Sports Alliance is a case-in-point. Paul Allen’s Vulcan corporate vehicle in cooperation with the US EPA and other “partners” launched the Green Sports Alliance (GSA) in 2010 and held the first annual conference in August 2011. In September, the second one will be held in Seattle Washington.

It’s billed as a three day executive summit “designed for leaders from the sports community.” The point of the summit according to promotional literature is to provide participants with information about best practices as regards “sustainability” within the context of community citizenship and bottom line benefits.

According to the literature on the Green Sports website (and the corollary Green Sports Summit website), sustainability is no longer a fad but an imperative. The Green Sports initiative provides the message that not only is helping the environment a social responsibility, it is also increasingly good business.

The use of green approaches according to the Summit website has a growing following due to teams saving money as they implement environmentally sound practices. These practices will gain teams new sponsors and community partners, it’s suggested.

A consortium of environmental activists, sports enthusiasts, and team and venue owners that participated in the founding of Paul Allen’s GSA have set out “to make professional sports more environmentally friendly.” The literature cautions that 70 percent of the fuel supporting sports arenas comes from fossil fuels and this results in an average of 716 tons of carbon each game.

An article in Salon entitled “Making Pro Sports Pro-Green” tracks the history of the young organization and its alliance with the National Resources Defense Council. The NRDC is one of the most influential environmental groups in the United States. Its executive director Peter Lehner created and led the environmental prosecution unit for New York City Law Department. He is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, according to Wikipedia. Here’s an excerpt from the Salon article:

According to Allen Hershkowitz, who directs the NRDC’s sports-greening initiative, disseminating the green message through professional sports “is helping to instigate the cultural acceptance of environmental stewardship.” Many people love sports — according to the alliance, more than half of the country follows them in some form or another — so get sports to go green, and the people will follow. If you build the compost bin, they will compost.

According to the article, which first appeared on Next American City, the GSA is increasingly effective. Some 90 teams and 13 leagues are members and even the biggest names approve of Allen’s initiative. These include Major League Baseball’s commissioner Bud Selig who has created a Green Track system for measuring teams’ energy use and recycling, among other factors.

The article quotes Seattle Mariners ballpark operations VP and board chairman for GSA as saying that green sports programs can help support and implement civic programs. When SafeCo Field went with compostable serviceware in April 2010, it was actually anticipating a Seattle law that mandated all such foodware be recyclable or compostable. According to the article, Nelson believes that sports teams’ initiatives should dovetail with civil mandates to have the most significant impact.

Another Nelson quote: “Our high-level goals as a municipality is to reduce our carbon emissions and the amount of material that is generated as waste as a community. There are all kinds of regulatory and incentive approaches, but individual behavior changes require engagement and motivation on the part of the individual.”

Is there serious, established evidence that the world is warming – and that carbon needs to be extracted from the air as a result?  Several prominent “warmist” scientists have recently renounced their belief in global warming and the infamous hockey stick graph that shows imminent, disastrous warming is evidently and obviously a fraud.

Even if the globe is heating up, to claim that it is the fault of humankind is a further stretch. The earth has heated up and cooled down innumerable times in its supposed five billion year history. Why humans should be responsible THIS time is hard to figure out. Most of the atmospheric blanket that traps heat is said to come from water vapor. Only a tiny percentage is derived from carbon dioxide, and an even tinier percentage is manmade.

Nonetheless, the world’s most important personages continue to insist that something must be done to remove carbon from the atmosphere. Since carbon dioxide along with oxygen is one of two life-giving gases, the removal of carbon dioxide in great enough quantities would have the effect of making life on the planet less sustainable.

Additionally, the earth acts as a self-adjusting environmental system. When there is too much carbon dioxide being generated from a power plant or some other source, vegetation tends to grow nearby that removes the excess carbon. This is rarely if ever mentioned in the millions of mainstream media articles that have loudly trumpeted global warming.

Explaining the truth about global warming – or “climate change” is likely the last thing that top-level warmist types want to do. The power elite that disseminates these themes wants to rule the world and uses this sort of propaganda to justify increasingly authoritarian – fascist – methodologies of civic control.

The idea that whole countries are getting ready to remove carbon from the atmosphere in order to bury it (via carbon capture) is one of the single-most ludicrous and malevolent concepts ever developed by top elites – and that’s saying a lot given the wars and economic depressions they regularly create.

But this idea continues to be promoted by enablers such as Paul Allen because its assumption then demands that citizens’ energy consumption be closely monitored. It justifies extraordinarily invasive command-and-control policies that will have an impact on every aspect of people’s lives.

Paul Allen and others like him are certainly not stupid. Yet anyone can look into these issues – thanks to the Internet – and find out the truth with only a few hours of browsing. That Allen and Gates and other wealthy, powerful men continue to peddle such nonsense shows the overwhelming impact that Money Power has.

Perhaps it is too much to ask such men to stand up for the truth when they are evidently and obviously intimidated by the powers-that-be that seek world domination. But in going along with the lies, they make of themselves far less than they should be as individuals and concerned citizens.

There is no way to mince words: The good deeds they protest they are doing for their communities are actually a template for a greater ruin. Such has already been provided by predictive facilities like the Georgia Guidestones that call for a reduction in population to 500 million “in perpetual balance with nature.”

Evil lurks behind talk of common “environmental goals” and “sustainable societies,” much as a death’s head behind a cheerful, grinning mask.

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