Bill Anderson
LRC Blog
April 15, 2009

While there are tax protests out there, Paul Begala is not among them. Granted, I have no use for Republicans who suddenly (after eight years of wild spending and war) have discovered liberty, but Begala definitely is over-the-top in the other way:

(CNN) — Happy Patriots’ Day. April 15 is the one day a year when our country asks something of us — or at least the vast majority of us.

For those who wear a military uniform, those who serve the rest of us as policemen and firefighters and teachers and other public servants, every day is patriots’ day. They work hard for our country; many risk their lives — and some lose their lives.

But for the rest of us, the civilian majority, our government asks very little. Except for April 15. On this day, our government asks that we pay our fair share of taxes to keep our beloved country strong and safe.

Freedom isn’t free. That’s what the courageous World War II veterans of the American Legion taught me back in Texas Boys State decades ago. That phrase had special meaning for them. Those guys had seen buddies blown apart at Anzio or Guadalcanal.

One does not know to laugh or cry at such drivel, but we have to remember that at one time Begala was a trusted adviser to Bill Clinton, and so he, too, played a role in the murderous and evil presidency that Clinton gave us. (But, then, it seems that every modern presidency is murderous and evil.)


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