On CNN’s State of the Union Sunday, 2016 Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul questioned Hillary Clinton’s sincerity on women’s rights given the fact that she may have accepted donations to the Clinton Foundation from countries with terrible human rights records.

Paul noted the “history” of the Clintons “feeling like they’re above the law.” Especially in light of touting that they would not accept donations to the Clinton Foundation during the time she was Secretary of State when there are accusations that they did.

“There are questions of them taking millions of dollars from Saudi Arabia, from the Sultan of Brunei,” Paul said. “Countries that really have an abysmal human rights record and women’s rights record.”

Putting into perspective how other countries actually treat women, Paul said:

It questions the sincerity of whether or not she would be a champion for women’s rights when she accepts money from a country like Brunei that stones to death people for adultery. And realize that this is men accusing women of adultery, not women accusing men, because the men have the only say in the legal system in Brunei. So, it does really — it makes it difficult for her message to appear sincere when she’s taking money from these foreign countries.

Paul’s treatment of women was also questioned during the interview with Dana Bash. Recently, Paul has been the target of media criticism because of a couple of instances where he gave stern responses to female journalists who editorialized his positions. Bash asked if he was planning on pulling his punches when it comes time to debate his female competition, Hillary Clinton.

Paul defended the accusations saying he views women as equals and has never yelled or lost control. But with politeness aside, he indicated that he is unwilling to let others characterize him unfairly and will use any opportunity to set the record straight when faced with bad journalism. In an effort to prove that he treats women no differently than men, Paul pointed to a tense exchange he had with Eliot Spitzer on CNN when he was a newly elected senator.

But Bash pressed, “What about if you are on the stage with Hillary Clinton? Will you be cognizant of the fact that she would be a female opponent?”

Paul replied:

I would treat her with the same respect I would a man, but I wouldn’t lay down and say, ‘Oh, I’m not going to respond out of some sort of — and I think that would be a sexist sort of response to say, ‘Oh my goodness, she deserves not to be treated as aggressively because she’s only a woman.’ I would never say that about anybody. And I don’t come into our interview thinking, ‘Okay, it’s a woman-versus-a-man type of interview.’

“That’s good to hear,” Bash said.

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