Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) said Friday that he will demand a vote next week on defunding Planned Parenthood after the release of a video this week that shows a Planned Parenthood executive candidly discussing the donation of fetal organs.

A statement from Paul’s office says that he will “use all legislative vehicles at his disposal” and the timeframe is the “coming week.”


“The continued disregard and disrespect for human life at Planned Parenthood, a partially taxpayer-funded organization, is shocking and appalling,” Paul said.

“Recent video revelations, involving potentially criminal activity, make it more obvious than ever that this organization has absolutely zero respect for the sanctity of human life and is an affront to the most basic human dignity enshrined in our founding documents.”

He vowed to cut off federal funding.

“Not one more taxpayer dollar should go to Planned Parenthood, and I intend to make that goal a reality,” he said.

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