Josiah Ryan
January 13, 2009

The U.S. Treasury and other finance ministries around the world should play a major role in fixing climate change, outgoing Bush administration Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson said Monday at an event sponsored by the environmental group Resources For the Future. The discussion was titled, “How Markets Can Help Address Climate Change and Other Major Environmental Problems.”

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Paulson, who once served as chairman of the Nature Conservancy and co-chair of the environmental group Asia-Pacific Council, has long been involved in fighting global warming.

“I will be actually surprised and disappointed if the Office of Treasury isn’t a leader — probably the leader — in the government in terms of having more resources and knowledge than any other place,” said Paulson, referring to research on alternative energy and climate change.

“We need to play a major role going forward, and I think that other finance ministries around the world will need to play a major role,” he said. “Again, I see it as essential that finance ministries or departments of treasuries have people in place who understand not just the economics but also conservation and the environment.”

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