Peaceful Streets Project Press Release
July 12, 2012

As you know from your previous interviews of Antonio (see videos below), the Austin Police Department refuses to do the right thing by dropping all charges against him and the two female victims, and then charging Officers Oborski and Snider with their crimes against peaceful citizens. You may have also heard of the coverup that Antonio has been trying to expose (see Austin Police Dept Corruption Exposed).

West Point Grad, Iraqi Vet Attacked, Arrested for Filming Police

Former Army Ranger Set-Up by APD: Infowars Nightly News

What you may not know is the extent of his response since the last interview. Antonio has joined forces with various local activists to launch the Peaceful Streets Project (“PSP”) to fight back against police abuse in Austin. The PSP wants to shift the culture of Austin so that people stop bowing down to the crooked cops, so that they stand up for one another and document corrupt police in action, and so that the cops recognize that they are in the minority and will be scrutinized and outed for their crimes. The PSP has held a half dozen Know Your Rights training sessions to teach people their rights when dealing with cops, how to survive an interaction with a bad cop, and how to record them. The PSP has also held numerous Police Abuse Complaint Department events (the most recent being from 3-8a this morning, Group holds overnight police complaint department) where we set up in front of the Courthouse to show support for those being released from jail and to collect stories of abuse, and to let APD and the establishment know that we are watching them. Most exciting though, this Saturday, the Peaceful Streets Project is hosting their first annual Police Accountability Summit. We will have speakers talking about the history of law enforcement, the corruption here in Austin, the racism and class warfare that police are used to perpetuate, and direct action that we can take to free ourselves from the police state. We will have a victims panel, as well as breakout sessions. Then, at the end of the event we will hand out 100 video cameras to people who will go into the streets to record police interactions with the people of Austin.

The response to this event has been outstanding, and we expect a full capacity crowd (350 pax). People have rallied behind Antonio’s story, and his subsequent effort with a handful of dedicated activists with the Peaceful Streets Project. In fact, the response extends well beyond Austin. Houston, Dallas, Atlanta and people in Tennessee and Virginia have already reached out to us and asked for assistance in setting up a Peaceful Streets Project in their city or state. We would love for Infowars to come to this event to report on it – and Antonio is available for an interview with your radio or tv programs in advance of the summit today or tomorrow. If interested, please email us back, or contact Monica Savant at (512) 350-3718, or contact Antonio at (512) 785-3767.

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