Convicted pedophile and author Tom O’Carroll published an article last month saying 11-year-old drag queen Desmond Is Amazing is “hot,” claiming it’s “totally cool” for adults to be “turned on” by his drag performances.

In an excerpt from the article, O’Carroll admits what many advocates of child drag shows try to hide; that the events are “sensual” performances for the enjoyment of adult viewers.

“We are getting far more than just a celebration of gender diversity or an innocent display of precocious performance talent,” he writes.

“So why all the denial? Why the coy insistence that kids’ drag performance has nothing to do with their sexuality?” O’Carroll writes, complaining about liberal outlets who try and sugarcoat the sexual nature of Desmond’s performances.

“When a kid declares himself to be gay, as Desmond has, he is talking about sexual feelings,” he declares.

O’Carroll, an admitted pedophile and author of Paedophilia: The Radical Case and Michael Jackson’s Dangerous Liaisons, was convicted in 1981 of conspiracy to corrupt public morals and was imprisoned for two years.

In 2002, he was caught with 94 images of nude children ages 2-10 and was sentenced to only nine months of jail time, but the conviction was overturned by the Court of Appeal who said the images “were of the kind that parents might take of their children entirely innocently.”

O’Carroll’s name was not taken off the Sex Offenders register following the overturned conviction, however, in 2006 he was convicted of distributing child pornography to an undercover police officer.

He obtained the images from a secret cache containing 50,000 pornographic images he had in his possession for a “very long time.”

Police who infiltrated two groups O’Carroll ran, International Paedophile Child Emancipation Group and Gentlemen With An Interesting Name, claim he was creating an “international secret society” of “academic” child abusers.

O’Carroll was affiliated with the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE), a group who also boasted former MI6 Deputy Director Peter Hayman as a member.

In 2015, O’Carroll joined the Labour Party after Jeremy Corbyn was named party leader, but was expelled following backlash from other party members.

That same year, an Australian 60 Minutes program interviewed O’Carroll in a piece exposing the British power structure’s longtime connections to pedophilia.

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