Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence bashed Hillary Clinton and her team at a rally on Friday evening for how it sought to play down the stories of the Americans killed in the 2012 attack in Benghazi, as revealed by an email released this week.

“Her staff was preparing her for testimony, an opening statement before the Select Committee on Benghazi,” Pence told attendees at the Exeter, N.H., rally. “One of them actually mentioned in the email that she shouldn’t focus too much on the ‘four guys who were killed.’ Those were not four guys. Those were four American heroes.”

The email Pence referenced was one of many WikiLeaks released on Thursday. Clinton’s political consultant Mandy Grunwald had recommended the former secretary of state avoid focusing too much on the “four guys” killed in the terrorist attack. Grunwald had warned Clinton she may be “overdoing it” by paying so much attention to the victims in her opening statement before the congressional committee last year.

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