Farm Wars
October 16, 2009

[efoods]Barb’s note: States are getting ready for the mandatory vaccination stage of the eugenics program, and Pennsylvania is right on schedule with Pennsylvania House Bill 492, the “Emergency Health Powers Act.”

To read the entire bill go here:

Pennsylvania House Bill 492

Source: Swine Flu Shot Safety Program

State governments continue promoting emergency powers legislation, even while insisting these unconstitutional powers will never be used. Here are a few excerpts from Pennsylvania House Bill 492, the “Emergency Health Powers Act” [PDF]:

Section 2523-D. Effect of declaration.

(b) Emergency powers of Governor.–During a state of public health emergency, the Governor may:

(4) Mobilize all or any part of the Pennsylvania National Guard into service of the Commonwealth. An order directing the Pennsylvania National Guard to report for active duty shall state the purpose for which it is mobilized and the objectives to be accomplished.

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