An ambitious Pennsylvania teen who built a deluxe two-story treehouse in her front yard has been ordered to tear it down after a neighbor complained.

Elisa Truchan, 14, built the elevated fort in the front yard of her family’s home in Leet Township in February as part of a project for her eighth-grade class. The structure prompted a complaint, which was filed with the Township Council, and the family was ordered to take down the treehouse by October 1. The Council, in issuing the ban, cited local ordinances that ban structures from being built in front yards.

“At first, I thought it was a joke, but then I found out that it wasn’t,” Truchan said, according to local reports. “So, then I got really sad.”

Truchan finished the bi-level structure in February for a grade in one of her classes at Quaker Valley Middle School. The tiny house is made from untreated wood and has a clear roof for stargazing, sliding windows, a rope ladder and lock. The walls are adorned with Harry Potter-themed decorations.

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