The Defense Advanced Development Agency (DARPA) of the Pentagon has become interested in the possibility of the development of unmanned aerial vehicles, which will disappear after the task, according to the portal Defense Systems.

According to Defense Systems, DARPA is considering the use of UAVs with a cloaking technology in order to make deliveries to remotely located military troops without being detected. The drones will make their drop and disappear from the sky.

The technology for this is called the Inbound, Controlled, Air-Releasable, Unrecoverable Systems (ICARUS) program, which requires the drones to be 100% invisible to the naked eye, Defense Systems wrote.

The development of such drones is currently ongoing, with DARPA seeking a testing device that will hold a payload of 3lbs and be able to deliver them within 32 feet of a target based on GPS coordinates.

Most likely, the device will just dissolve, especially since DARPA has been creating so-called soluble electronics for the past three years.

This program involves the development of electronic circuits and components, which, if necessary, could be eaten, dissolved in a glass of water or flushed down the toilet. The program involved a US company IBM and the University of Iowa.

The Pentagon has alloted 26 months for the development of ‘soluble’ UAVs. The contract with the developers so far has not been signed.

The Russian Air Force, too, is undergoing some innovations in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles. In particular, the ‘Ohotnik-U’ and ‘Zenitsa’ domestic arms drones, which will be capable of flying at a speed of 800 kilometers per hour.

Russian UAVs are being used in military operations in Syria. The drones track in real-time the movement of ISIL militants and transmit the visual information about the results of airstrikes. Moreover, this data does not only appear on the computer screens of Russian officers in Syria, but is also broadcasted to the National Control Center of Defense.

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