June 19, 2011

An international investigation is under way today to find out whether the Marine Corps Reserve lance corporal who was arrested early Friday morning for carrying suspected bomb making materials near the Pentagon is simply an unstable, misguided young man, or a cold-blooded lone wolf terrorist.

“We don’t know what a lone wolf, al Qaeda-inspired operative looks like. We don’t know where they hang out, we don’t know really what motivates them,” former FBI agent Jack Cloonan said. “So when you don’t know that, you’ve got a talent pool of people that is so huge, it stresses law enforcement. We just don’t know what they look like and what they want to do.”

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The United States was lucky in this incident, because police were able to arrest the man in question, 22-year-old Ethiopian-American Yonathan Melaku, who was recently charged with breaking into 27 cars in suburban Washington. But so-called lone wolf terrorists are generally very difficult to catch.

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