Paul Joseph Watson
Friday, August 8, 2008

IntelCenter and SITE Intelligence Group, two “terrorism monitoring firms” who routinely obtain so-called Al-Qaeda tapes that usually turn out to be completely fraudulent, yesterday released a video purported to feature members of a Chinese Muslim terror group threatening to attack the Olympics.

“The threat, attributed to the Turkistan Islamic Party (TIP), is contained in a new video which shows a burning Olympics logo and an explosion imposed over a venue to be used for the Beijing Games,” reports Sky News.

  The origin of the video leads right back to our old friends once again, IntelCenter and SITE Intelligence Group.

“It is believed to be based across the border in Pakistan, where security experts say it has received training from al Qaeda.”

Terrorists who routinely threaten to attack global sporting events have a track record of failing to follow up on their promises.

Euro 2008, held in Switzerland and Austria, was preceded by an “Al-Qaeda” threat to “transform the safest countries in Europe to the hell seen in Iraq or Afghanistan”.

Having personally visited Switzerland last week, Geneva and Montreux didn’t really remind me of Kabul or Baghdad.

In addition, before both soccer World Cup tournaments in 2002 and 2006 we were told that Al-Qaeda were planning to strike. Nothing happened.

The 2004 Olympic Games in Athens Greece was also a target. Nothing happened.

This leads us to question if “terrorists” are really behind the videos at all, because the tapes certainly aren’t doing anything for their street cred.

Judging by the latest video, we are still being led to believe that well-equipped deadly terrorist organizations still can’t afford to obtain a $200 video camera to ensure their audio doesn’t sound like a badly dubbed 80’s B movie.

The “explosion” described in news reports appears to sound more like a cheap firework when one views the video. It seems as though an impression of an inhumane, divorced from civilization, rugged and barbarous stereotype is being deliberately groomed by the creators of the tapes so as to heighten their mystique and fearmongering quality.

The origin of the video leads right back to our old friends once again, IntelCenter and SITE Intelligence Group.

SITE have resolved to keep things simple this time on the back of this past May’s embarrassment, when they claimed terrorists had put together an elaborate image of Washington DC after a nuclear attack. It turned out that the picture was a screenshot from a video game called Fallout 3.

As we have exhaustively documented, Intelcenter is an offshoot of IDEFENSE, which was staffed by a senior military psy-op intelligence officer Jim Melnick, who has worked directly for Donald Rumsfeld. The organization released the “laughing hijackers” tape and claimed it was an Al-Qaeda video, despite the fact that the footage was obtained by a “security agency” at a 2000 Bin Laden speech.

They were also behind the release of videos of Bin Laden speeches cobbled together from 5-year-old footage and claimed it was a new tape.

IntelCenter was recently caught adding its logo to a tape at the same time as Al-Qaeda’s so-called media arm As-Sahab added its logo, proving the two organizations were one and the same.

The Pakistani based Al-Qaeda group Jundullah, formerly headed by the alleged mastermind of 9/11, an organization which enjoys the funding, support and protection of the CIA, also produces propaganda tapes and literature for As-Sahab and in turn IntelCenter.

All good reasons to treat this latest tape exactly for what it is – crude propaganda designed to coerce people to continue to buy into the fraud of the war on terror and the justification for the only real war taking place, that being waged on our freedom of movement and quickly disappearing liberties.

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