Nanny Mike Bloomberg’s soda tax may have crashed and burned.

But in Berkeley, California, taxing folks who like to consume soft drinks with sugar may soon be forced to cough up additional money.

In November the city will put the taxation proposal on the ballot.

The move to burden consumers with an additional government tax is “drawing cheers of support from residents and health advocates” who believe soda drinkers should be economically punished for their reprehensible behavior.

“When we pass this measure in November, Berkeley will be the first in the country where such a measure has been passed,” Vicki Alexander, a co-chairwoman of a local campaign to put the measure on the ballot, proudly told Reuters. “We are very excited to see that day happen.”

Taxes do not usually moderate what activists and government claim is unhealthy behavior. Millions of people smoke tobacco despite decades of propaganda dispensed by government and astronomical taxation. Business at fast food restaurants is booming despite widespread knowledge fatty hamburgers and deep-fried chicken and fries are unhealthy.

In fact, as Ted Mundorff, CEO of Landmark Theaters, told Reuters the soda tax money will not be used to educate consumers about the health risks of sugar.

The money will be put in the city’s general fund where it can be spent willy-nilly by bureaucrats.

“It’s a money grab,” Mundorff said.

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