Saman Mohammadi
The Excavator
February 28, 2011

“Long before quantum mechanics, the German philosopher Husserl said that all perception is gamble. Every type of bigotry, every type of racism, sexism, prejudice, every dogmatic ideology that allows people to kill other people with a clear conscience, every stupid cult, every superstition-ridden religion, every kind of ignorance in the world, are all results from not realizing that our perceptions are gambles. We believe what we see, and then we believe our interpretation of it, but we don’t even know we’re making an interpretation most of the time.

We think that this is reality. In philosophy that is called Naive Realism. “What I perceive is reality.” Philosophers have refuted naive realism every century for the last 25 hundred years starting with Buddha & Plato, and yet most people act on the basis of naive realism.” – Robert Anton Wilson. And the video of RAW saying this.

“The world is not governed by facts or logic. It is governed by BS (belief systems).” – Robert Anton Wilson.

“‘Seeing’ is not a function of the eyes alone, but of the eyes-and-brain working together. A popular proverb says, ‘Seeing is believing,’ but as the philosopher Santayana once pointed out, humans are much better at believing than at seeing.” – Robert Anton Wilson.

American philosopher and author Robert Anton Wilson, who died four years ago at the age of 74, tried to awaken us to the fact that the “world is not governed by facts or logic,” but by “belief systems.” The priests of power in the United States understand this well, and they have used their knowledge to rule over the ignorant people below them, and keep America in the dark.

The new Rolling Stone article by Michael Hastings about how military commanders in Afghanistan are using professional Psy-Ops teams against senators and congressmen to persuade them to vote for more funding and more troops is a tiny glimpse into the world of perception management, information warfare, and psychological operations. These weapons are wielded against freedom and democracy by the devils and traitors who have hijacked the United States government.

But it is not just renegade army generals who are interested in managing perception in the war on terror. Lt. Gen. William Caldwell’s use of disinformation and propaganda techniques against senators and congressmen in Afghanistan is similar to the propaganda and disinformation that is being aimed at the American and Western public on a constant basis by professional perception managers who operate out of the CIA, MI6, Mossad, and other organs of the U.S., British, and Israeli governments.

Perception management is big business. Here is a short definition of the term (from the website

Perception Management (PM): Actions to convey and/or deny selected information and indicators to foreign audiences to influence their emotions, motives, and objective reasoning as well as to intelligence systems and leaders at all levels to influence official estimates, ultimately resulting in foreign behaviors and official actions favorable to the originator’s objectives. In various ways, perception management combines truth projection, operations security, cover and deception, and psychological operations. (Source: DOD)

Although PM is theoretically limited to foreign audiences, this may be an impractical limitation. False messages can easily bounce back to the domestic audience, or practitioners may ignore the limitation. The term suggests that an attempt is being made to alter or manipulate perception. Police know how difficult it is to interview eyewitnesses without getting distortions.

Free and open societies cannot exist if governments are allowed to get away with targeting their populations with psychological weapons like propaganda and perception management techniques on a regular basis. A society is not free when the people’s thoughts and opinions about the most important events that have guided and influenced that society are managed by official propagandists and government luminaries.

Anybody who has critically examined the development of American society in the last sixty years knows that public perception has been managed to suit the anti-democratic ends of a small network of oligarchs, elitist political leaders, and power brokers who control the inner workings of the U.S. shadow state. Their motivations are to destroy America, and put in place a global authoritarian government.

It is a fact that without government deception and media propaganda the Iraq war would’ve never been supported by the American people in the initial stages of the war. Lies about Al-Qaeda, Islamic terrorism, Iraq and Saddam Hussein were deliberately told by officials in the Bush administration, and then repeated by their loyal dogs in the media. Their aim was to change mass perceptions about the Middle East so that they could sell numerous wars to the American people, and they were successful. One reason why they were so successful is because nobody in the mainstream media or Congress questioned their actions and words. Journalists accepted what Bush said about the 9/11 attacks at face value, and the American people’s representatives in the Congress went along with Bush’s program.

The admirable Admiral William J. Fallon, the man who was described by Thomas P.M. Barnett in Esquire magazine back in April 2008 as the “rarest of creatures in the Bush universe: the good cop on Iran, and a man of strategic brilliance,” made an interesting remark about Congress’s lack of interest in facts at an event called the Global Communication Leadership Forum: Obama’s Afghanistan: The Media and the War” that was held in November, 2009 at the campus of the University of Southern California. Fallon said:

People are fond of saying that they believe in facts, they want data. I was taught a pretty good lesson some years back in Washington. I was in front of a congressional committee, and someone was testifying on an issue, and they trammeled in front of this committee a barrage of information that I absolutely gagged upon hearing, because in my mind it was not only not factual, it was made up nonsense, and wore little resemblance to the vision that I had of this specific issue. So I sat there and allowed my teeth to grind a bit, when it came time to speak I said, “Mr. Chairman, in my business I deal in facts, and I really haven’t heard many here,” and I got about three more words out of my mouth before the Chairman came across the green table, and just about choked me, and said, “Admiral, you better learn something, buddy. Up here we deal in perceptions, and whatever you think of the facts doesn’t matter. (1:10:09 – 1:11:19 in this video).

Rather than runaway generals, the problem that America faces is runaway government. The current government has been taken over by gangsters, traitors, and thieves who don’t want the American people to know the facts about 9/11, terrorism, and other issues.

Whether we like it or not, our perceptions of the war on terror, and the threat of terrorism, particularly Islamic terrorism, are perceptions, and not facts. Below I will list some of these perceptions and then list the facts.

1. Perception:
The United States of America was attacked by an international terrorist network called Al-Qaeda led by Osama Bin Laden on September 11, 2001.

The threat from Al-Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden is not real. It is made up. Muslim terrorists did not attack America on September 11, 2001. America was attacked by traitors within the Bush administration and National Security establishment, who cooperated with Israel’s Mossad in the planning and execution of the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Indeed, the real villains behind the 9/11 crime are not dressed in robes, but in suits.

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Russian whistleblower Dimitri Khalezov, a former Russian military officer who specialized in nuclear intelligence in the late 1980s, is willing to go on the record to reveal that Mossad intelligence officer Mike Harari is one of the planners behind the 9/11 attacks. Veterans Today’s senior editor Gordon Duff wrote on February 19, 2011:

Khalezov is a former Soviet Army officer who worked in the highly secretive world of nuclear detection. The doors he opens threaten our view of the last decades, revealing a secret world of deception too devastating for most to accept. However, as bizarre as his stories may seem, of everyone discussing 9/11, only Dimitri Khalezov has the resume that places him at the forefront.The rest of us talk about 9/11, profess our theories and connect “dots,” real or imagined, moving the public toward a truth that may well be what the public wishes to believe than what is real.

That has been the trap.

Only Dimitri can testify, not “connect.” When Dimitri tells us that Mossad Operations Chief Mike Harari admitted planning 9/11, it is because Dimitri was there. This is testimony, not conjecture, backed by a willingness to take a lie detector test.

Of course, there are many other criminals who planned 9/11 besides Harari, who are both American and Israeli citizens. Dick Cheney, George W. Bush, and Donald Rumsfeld are on the top of the list.

Col. Robert Bowman, an Air Force combat pilot, a Vietnam veteran, and a former Director of Advanced Space Programs Development for the U.S. Air Force, recently gave a speech in Florida in which he called for a new investigation into the 9/11 attacks, and the arrest of George W. Bush for war crimes and treason. Gordon Duff said this about Bowman’s speech:

Bowman talks facts. Some people don’t like facts. Some people don’t like truth. Some people don’t have honor.

Without courage, without facts, without truth and without action, anyone who believes themselves an American patriot is very much the opposite.

2. Perception:
The United States government is in Afghanistan and Iraq to defend America’s national security, and its freedoms from terrorists and rogue nations in possession of nuclear weapons.

The United States government is in Afghanistan and Iraq for many reasons, but defense is not one of them. The power-tripping policy makers who run around in the highest circles in Washington D.C. are more interested in establishing a foothold in the most strategic area of the world, and extracting resources like oil and heroin than in protecting American soldiers, and the American people. The traitors who run Washington could care less about America’s national security. They want to see America fearful and unsafe so that it collapses, and dies, not safe and prosperous and free.

3. Perception:
The American people support the war on terror, and America’s occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq.

The war on terror is unpopular with the American people, but the absence of a military draft has created such a deep-rooted complacency that the anti-war movement that was active during the run-up to the Iraq war is essentially dead ten years into the war on terror. Political leaders and policy makers in Washington have not overlooked the fact that the wars are unpopular, they have just ignored it and marched on with their poisonous wars. But they have not looked away from this reality totally, either. Homeland Security and the U.S. Military have prepared for civil unrest and mass demonstrations. If government propaganda and media propaganda fails in taming the people and keeping them ignorant, the police and military will take over to repress the people, violently if need be.

4. Perception:
The masked traitors and invisible rulers in Washington are all-powerful, and cannot be defeated. The American people can’t do anything to end the war on terror, they just have to suffer and watch as their country is used to kill innocent people in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other nations in the Middle East.

No government is all-powerful. And there is no such thing as invisible rulers. The criminals who control public perception in America include Dick Cheney, George Bush, and Barack Obama, who are public faces. There is also no such thing as fate. War is never inevitable, it is always the result of politics and lies. A “long war” as the war on terror is called can be shortened if people in America and the West put pressure on their governments. People make their own destiny. Mubarak thought his rule over Egypt was indestructible, but the people of Egypt proved him wrong and delusional in a mere 18 days. Corrupt rulers can be overthrown by popular revolutions anywhere in the world, and most of all in America because America was founded by revolutionaries. America’s foundations were built on freedom and self-government, a fact that the current tyrants in Washington like to forget.

5. Perception:
America is not guilty of state terrorism, and it doesn’t sponsor terrorist networks. Only rogue nations like Iran can be considered as terrorist states.

America is a shadow terrorist state. It is not a democracy. Its rulers are capable of committing terrorist acts (9/11) and they regularly spread fear and paranoia about the threat of terrorism, which is in fact a form of terrorism. The Military-Industrial Complex’s clandestine activities creates conflict and a climate of perpetual fear and insecurity, allowing them to profit, and stay in power. America’s shadow state can only exist if America is in a state of war. Peace is kryptonite to this shadow state.

6. Perception:
We will have to fight extremism and global terrorism for the rest of our lives. Peace is impossible. America has many enemies out there, and they will never go away.

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America’s enemies are not in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, or any other country listed on the neocons’ playbook. America’s enemies are the crazy radicals who are in power in Washington. America’s enemy is a domestic enemy, which is the country’s shadow state that operates outside of the law and manipulates the public and the press. It is anti-democratic, lawless, and anti-freedom. The American shadow state’s treacherous machinations and lies about terrorism must be exposed to the public. Peace will become a reality once the American war machine is put away, and the war criminals behind 9/11 and the war on terror are hanged for their crimes against humanity. 

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