Paul must begin to attract voters away from Romney

Steve Watson
Sept 15, 2011

Perry, Romney, Paul

A new Gallup poll indicates clearly, perhaps for the first time, that the GOP 2012 presidential race now consists of just three candidates – Rick Perry, Mitt Romney and Ron Paul.

The nomination preference survey, conducted over the past weekend, found that Perry, Romney and Paul are the only three candidates with any realistic chance of growing their campaigns at this time. The rest of the field has lost momentum and is rapidly fading into the background.

According to Gallup, in the survey of Republicans and Republican leaning Independents, Perry leads Romney by 31% to 24%, with Ron Paul at 13%. The rest of the field make up the numbers with no one else scoring above 5%.

2012 GOP Presidential Nomination Preferences, September 2011

It appears certain that Michele Bachmann’s campaign is over now, as her numbers have halved to just 5%, with Gingrich and Cain both at 5% also.

Ron Paul remains at 13% where he was last month. In July, Paul was at 10%, according to Gallup, up from 8% in June. Of course there is still scope for Paul to pick up more support as other candidates such as Cain and Santorum begin to drop from the field.

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Furthermore, in the latest poll a substantial 10% of respondents indicated that they still had no preference at this time, meaning that there is still room for Paul to gain a lot of support if he can raise awareness of his campaign.

A whopping haul of $1.1 million so far during Paul’s latest “money bomb”, also indicates that the Congressman can still compete as a top tier candidate.

Of course, the corporate media is still attempting to downplay Paul’s electability. In particular, former Bush senior staff member Bradley Blakeman attacked Ron Paul on Fox Business yesterday, following Paul’s huge California straw poll win.

“Ron Paul is neither selectable by the party to be nominated or electable by the people,” Blakeman said, adding “Let’s get real. He’s a gadfly and nothing more than that. If I were Romney and Perry, I would be thinking of a way to get Ron Paul off the stage because he is a distraction.”

Most ridiculously, Blakeman then suggested that former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman was more electable than any other GOP candidate, and that Obama could beat any of the candidates hands down except for Huntsman. One look at the latest poll reveals how asinine this suggestion is, with Huntsman scoring 1% for the second consecutive month, having failed to score above 3% throughout the entire year.

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While much of his campaign has focused on going head to head with Perry, Ron Paul will also have to look to attract supporters away from Romney who does better among the smaller group of moderate/liberal Republicans.

Romney also scores better than Perry when pitted against Obama, potentially making him the clearer front runner to score points against in the long term.

Paul’s campaign today issued a statement responding to the Obama jobs and deficit plan, labeling it “A $1.5 trillion tax hike will do nothing to help us out of this mess”.

“…when the President starts targeting the so-called rich, he’s really targeting small business owners, so ultimately he’s threatening the little guy.” states Paul 2012 National Campaign Chairman Jesse Benton.

“The President’s plan, then, will result in a fatal broadside to the national economy from Main Street on down… This gets us nowhere as a nation, and nowhere closer to solving our economic problems.” the statement continues.

“Instead of raising taxes, this administration should cut corporate welfare, foreign welfare and end the trillion dollars overseas wars by bringing troops home.

“These would be sound policy actions, the kind that create prosperity and engender greater freedom. These are the kind of policies that a President Ron Paul will advocate for and institute to restore limited government principles and a strong America.” the statement concludes.


Steve Watson is the London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’, and He has a Masters Degree in International Relations from the School of Politics at The University of Nottingham in England.

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