Animal rights organization PETA is calling on people to stop drinking milk over its alleged ties to “white supremacists.”

In a tweet last week, the organization urged its followers to ditch the animal-based substance they say “has long been a symbol used by white supremacists.”

An article featured in the message links to a Metro news story entitled “Secret Nazi code kept hidden by ‘milk’ and ‘vegan agenda.’”

PETA’s argument appears to be that millions of innocent milk drinkers should immediately cease all consumption lest they be associated with white supremacists themselves.

The post quickly turned sour as numerous Twitter users began to deride the organization for its attempts to shame individuals away from dietary item.

“Recap: the author made an argument against the dairy industry because it’s cruel to animals & unhealthy for consumers, and then just wrote: WHITE SUPREMACIST at top of the page,” one Twitter user wrote.

Another tied PETA’s campaign to the civil war, jokingly suggesting that former U.S. President Abraham Lincoln would have opposed milk.

Several milk puns were also observed.

Milk drinkers also chimed in to defend their beloved beverage.

Milk’s alleged racist background is believed to have originated as a prank on Internet image board 4chan.

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