People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals killed at least 88% of the dogs and cats entrusted in its care last year, in contrast to “no kill” animal shelters which have adoption rates of over 90%.

PETA took in 2,626 pets in 2014 but only found homes for 39, with the rest either being killed within 24 hours or sent to kill shelters.

“Most of these animals were perfectly healthy, and according to reports by the Virginia Department of Agriculture, inspectors of PETA’s Norfolk headquarters frequently found ‘no animals to be housed in the facility,’ and that ‘90% were euthanized within the first 24 hours of custody,'” Sputnik reported. “The official 88% kill rate of 2014 is up from 82.4% in 2013.”

The dead dogs and cats are thrown into garbage bags and stored inside expensive freezers paid for by PETA donors.

“How much money did PETA take in last year from unsuspecting donors who helped pay for this mass carnage? $51,933,001,” pet advocate Nathan J. Winograd reported. “$50,449,023 in contributions, $627,336 in merchandise sales, and $856,642 in interest and dividends.”

“They finished the year with $4,551,786 more in the bank than they started, after expenses.”

“They did not see fit to use some of that to comprehensively promote animals for adoption or to provide veterinary care for the animals who needed it,” he pointed out.

‘No kill’ shelters, on the other hand, must save at least 90% of the pets in their care to qualify as “no kill,” and the most successful shelters save up to 99%.

“However, the meaning of the term ‘no kill’ is often intentionally misused by some shelters, enabling them to mislead the public with inaccurate kill and save rates,” Winograd wrote.

The same can be said about PETA, which claims to advocate the “ethical treatment” of animals while mass murdering pets and dumping their bodies into trash bags.

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