In response to inaction by the Obama administration and the federal government to confront the tidal wave of illegal immigrants streaming over the border into Texas, Alex Jones and Infowars have posted a petition on the “We the People” page at the White House.

We demand Obama and Congress take responsibility for the unprecedented influx of so-called “unaccompanied minors” streaming across the border. Specifically, since there is no practical way at this point to prevent thousands of people daily from illegally crossing into the United States – short of militarizing the southern border – we demand Obama and Congress house the immigrants in Washington DC.

In order to make certain this effort does not impose additional burden on already seriously besieged American tax payers, we also demand Obama’s wealthy Democrat base pay for the housing and other needs of the impoverished illegal immigrants.

Additionally, other less wealthy Democrats who insist this event is now a refugee problem should also put their money where their mouths are and donate what they can to house and feed the children.

Prior to advent of large and stifling government, social problems were addressed by individuals, churches and other private organizations through charity. It is time to relive our past and get government out of our lives.

Read the petition and sign it here.

Let’s make sure Obama and the Democrats are not able to pass the buck and raid already seriously depleted federal coffers and force Americans to pay for this orchestrated effort to flood the country with dependents and undermine a shrinking middle class.

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