In Massachusetts it is illegal to campaign within 150 feet of a polling place.

On Super Tuesday former president Bill Clinton flaunted the law and solicited votes for his wife outside the Newton Free Library, in a suburb of Boston.

Not only did he megaphone voters outside the polling place, he also entered the building as the tweet below shows.

Now a petition addressed to Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey is demanding Clinton be arrested and prosecuted.

Here is the petition initiated by

This is a call for the immediate arrest of President Bill Clinton for clear, knowing and egregious violation of the campaign laws to swing an election in a significant way. It could not be any clearer in the Massachusetts General Laws. “Campaigning within 150 feet of a polling station, or in any way interfering with the right to vote”. Choosing the critical battleground state of Massachusetts, Bill Clinton should immediately be subject to arrest and prosecution. Bill Clinton was not only electioneering within the boundary. Although the spokesperson for Bill Clinton denies that he was ever inside a polling place, photos and video show him clearly greeting and talking up election workers inside.

After being told to refrain from this activity, which is a 3rd degree Voter Violation Felony, for which Clinton indeed must have known the law and chose to violate it, Bill Clinton does not vote in Massachusetts, and would have no other business in a polling station on election day besides campaigning for his wife.

We, the undersigned, respectfully ask that you honor the democratic process with all the dignity it deserves, and hold Bill Clinton accountable for the felony of his actions.

Predictably, the corporate media has all but ignored the call to prosecute Clinton.

Obviously, Bill Clinton and his wife believe they are above the law. In addition to flaunting the election law in Massachusetts, Bill’s wife has thus far received special treatment in her email scandal case.

The Democrats should have long ago disqualified Clinton as a candidate and the Justice Department should have pursued prosecution.

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