A White House petition seeking to obtain a White House press pass for Infowars founder Alex Jones has received over 50,000 signatures.

“Alex Jones’ first amendment [sic] rights are being violated everyday he does not have White House press credentials,” states the petition, which pushed past the 50,000 mark Thursday.

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Launched after the Office of the Press Secretary reinstated CNN correspondent Jim Acosta’s press pass, which was previously revoked over a spat with a White House intern, the petition further asks that Jones be sat directly next to Acosta:

“Let Alex Jones have press credentials and a permanent seat next to Jim Acosta!”

While the petition’s requests are mainly tongue in cheek, they serve the greater purpose of highlighting the mainstream media’s free speech double standard.

Corporate outlets cried foul when the White House legally revoked Acosta’s press pass, but the same media complex that rushed to his defense also helped de-platform Infowars, essentially placing CNN’s First Amendment right over Alex Jones’.

Petitions at WhiteHouse.gov require 100,000 signatures within 30 days in order to be considered for an official response.

Infowars has also launched WriteTrump.com, a truly grassroots effort to send letters to President Trump warning him of Big Tech censorship and the left’s war on free speech.

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