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April 10, 2008

Editor’s Note: Iran and the CIA created al-Qaeda are enemies. Iran is a largely Shia nation and al-CIA-duh a strictly Wahhabi Sunni contrivance. If Petraeus is unable to comprehend this, he should retire.

Last month, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) repeatedly and falsely claimed that Iran brought Sunni militants into Iran for training in order to launch attacks in Iraq. The Wall Street Journal’s Washington Wire notes that at a recent press conference, Petraeus “gently” refuted this assertion:

[A] reporter asked the commander if he believed Iran was supporting Sunni militants inside Iraq or had any evidence establishing such a link.

I’m not aware of – it doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened,” Petraeus replied, choosing his words carefully.

He said that some Sunni extremists had weapons that were made in Iran, but said that it was unclear if the weapons were provided by Tehran.

It is a good bit more difficult to connect all the dots directly,” he said.

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