Kurt Nimmo
August 18, 2011

Pew Research has added fuel to the argument that the corporate media has ignored Ron Paul in favor of other candidates and non-candidates. Pew’s analysis reveals that story-wise, Paul trails far behind all other candidates, including non-candidate Donald Trump and Rick Perry, who became a candidate last weekend. Ron Paul officially announced his candidacy on May 13, weeks ahead of most of the other GOP hopefuls.

Here is a chart breaking down campaign stories:

Ron Paul’s message of liberty and restoration of the republic is so unpopular with the corporate media, they decided to spend more time and effort covering Donald Trump, who is not even a candidate. He also trails far behind Sarah Palin, who is not a candidate.

“Paul’s coverage also lags far behind Trump (94 stories), who dallied with a run before opting out in mid-May and Palin (85 stories), who has given no indication to date that she will enter the race. In addition, Paul trails long-shot candidate and former Utah governor Jon Huntsman (44 stories) and Texas Governor, Rick Perry (33 stories) who only announced his candidacy on August 13,”

reports Journalism.org.

The corporate media serves as a barometer for the establishment. “In a further attempt to gauge the post-straw poll attention to Paul’s campaign, PEJ also used the Snapstream server’s closed captioning capability to assess the candidates’ television coverage in the first few days after that balloting,” Journalism.org continues. “According to that analysis, Paul was mentioned just 29 times. By comparison, Perry was mentioned 371 times, Bachmann was mentioned 274 times, and Romney was mentioned 183 times.”

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In other words, the establishment will run Perry with Bachmann as his vice president against Obama who is already being portrayed as a one-term president. Perry will now ramp up his fake Tea Party rhetoric and try to undermine Paul’s base. He launched his faux liberty campaign earlier this week when he took a timid swipe at bankster minion Ben Bernanke and the privately owned Federal Reserve.

Neocons Insinuate Paul Supported by Russian Government

The neocon faction of the ruling elite is now attempting to trash Paul by linking him to Russia Today, a media outfit operated by the Russian government. An American commentator at the foreign network, Adam Kokesh, announced a Ron Paul money bomb in early June. Suspiciously timed questions about the fundraising event surfaced after the August 12 Iowa straw poll.

“Since Kokesh is a U.S. citizen, he can make contributions to U.S. political campaigns. However, foreign entities, such as RT, are prohibited from making them under 2U.S.C. Section 441e,” writes F. Michael Maloof for WorldNetDaily.

Maloof and WorldNetDaily insinuate that RT is illegally supporting a U.S. political candidate and Kokesh may have violated 2U.S.C. Section 441e, a statue prohibiting foreign nationals from making contributions and donations to U.S. political candidates.

Cliff Kincaid, a neocon who takes money from the CIA operative Richard Mellon Scaife, claims Kokesh is a paid Russian agent. “Russia Today and its American shills, are effectively agents of a hostile power and should be treated as such,” writes Trevor Loudon. “Russia Today is a virulently anti-American propaganda channel, every bit as dangerous as Pravda or the Tass News Agency were during the Cold War.”

The Bush era neocons are disturbed by Ron Paul’s call to bring home the troops and shut down the warmongers they installed in the Pentagon. WorldNetDaily often serves as a platform to push the neocon agenda with its rabid Islamophobia and call to invade Muslim and Arab nations, so it is hardly surprising they would attack Ron Paul and insinuate that he receives support from the Russians.

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