July 6, 2012

As contest submissions continue to stream in, it’s evident that the “Stop Dictator Obama” bar has been significantly raised. Infowarriors around the world are pulling out all the stops in demonstrating their passion for truth and their intense desire to wake their fellow man from the deceptive pseudo-reality put forth by television and mainstream media.

The stakes have never been higher as the globalists force their NDAA-Obamacare-police state agenda down our throats. A few years ago we did the Obama Joker Poster contest and gave away $1,000. Phase 2 of the “Stop Dictator Obama” contest will be giving away $10,000. We have raised the stakes to promote activism.

Phase One was an unqualified success — see the winners here — and we are pushing for the same result with Phase Two. In order to ramp up the power and supercharge the final result, we have decided to extend the deadline a week to Friday, July 13.

Obama Dictator Scum Contest Phase 2

First American Dictator

Children, What Do You Know About Obama?

Stop Dictator Obama –

Infowars poster contest!

The Obama Hit

Obama Is Dictator Scum!!!! contest

Obama Poster Contest Entry

Info Wars Obama Poster Contest 2012


Poster: Nazi by Definition- Asbury Park / Ocean Grove

Impeach Obama – No Dictators (Sky-Banner) – San Diego County Fair in Del Mar

The Reopen America Back to School Special is now live! Earn double Patriot Points on our hottest items!

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