August 2, 2012

The winner of the Stop Dictator Obama $10,000 grand prize has been announced.

Although the winner selection process proved exceedingly difficult, Infowars staff organized viewings and discussions and were finally able to reach a decision.

Without further ado, the winners of the Stop Dictator Obama contest:
AustPem’s video “Infowarriors Land a Direct Hit on Dictator Obama In Person (Obama Dictator Contest).”

Austyn’s video depicted a heavy-handed activist assault on head-in-the-sand sheeple. He mounted a large Dictator Scum flag to his dirt-bike and rode it through towns and shopping districts, and also passed out hundreds of Obama Deception DVD’s along with flyers and information sheets explaining exactly how Obama has assumed the role of dictator. But when Austyn heard that Obama would be in Amherst he knew it was the chance of a lifetime.

Despite a sea of Obama zombies nagging him for his criticism of the president, he stood his ground and his team was eventually able to get their large flag-style poster noticed by the dictator-in-chief himself.

Austyn also received media coverage for being the only one in a group of Obama-noids to oppose the king.

The Chronicle-Telegram, one of Ohio’s news publications, included Austyn in a report for doing nothing more than exercising his first amendment right:

Not everyone was pleased with the president’s visit, however.

Austyn Pember stood outside Ziggy’s to protest the arrival of Obama. Pember, a computer science and engineering major at the University of Toledo, said he is not a supporter of Obama or Romney.

“Obama is a dictator, or at least the presidency is,” he said.

Pember, armed with a GoPro camera and fliers, said he follows the website and came to Amherst on Thursday to pass out fliers and speak out in protest of the current government.

Pember said he received mixed reactions from passersby.

“They said I should be arrested. They said I was disgraceful,” he said.

Team Austpem displayed courage in the face of adversity and for that they have earned the grand prize.

A strong runner-up favorite was Team InfoSalvo out of Houston, Texas. They flew a sky-banner with the message “Stop Dictator Obama” in addition to handing out flyers and waving a hand-made poster in front of a group of paranoid cops.

All in all, the efforts put forth by every participant of the contest were nothing short of spectacular. Outstanding job everyone!

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