Oh no they didn’t!

Philando Castile’s mama Valerie Castile is very, very mad that the lying side bitch Lavish Reynolds is claiming a close relationship with her son and taking GoFundMe cash for herself.

Reynolds’s accused theft of GoFundMe money may wind up touching off a debate about the use of GoFundMe in instances of police brutality when all the facts aren’t yet known.

We stopped black activist white con artist Shaun King from stealing money from Tamir Rice only to have professional black Washington Post reporter Wesley Lowery accuse us of white supremacy. Really.

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And that posting got this response!

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How much money we talking here?

Mama Valerie Castile’s account $175,906
Big Sis Allysza’s account $67,598
Lavish Reynolds $51,850
Total $295,354
Getting away with being a possible accomplice: Priceless

What’s not often studied is how technology actually makes the problem of policing worse.

Sure, there’s the Ferguson effect that takes place when you can send a Twitter mob descending on some middle class cop and his family but the larger problem is just all the money that’s around.

Meanwhile GoFundMe won’t allow you to create a fundraiser to pay the legal bills of accused police officers.

Writes in a source:

After seeing all the GoFundMes set up for the Castile families I thought about how reporters and BLM criminals are harassing the Hispanic officer Jeronimo Yanez. I thought he would probably like to be able to bring his new wife and baby to a hotel or somewhere safe until all of this blows over and until his name gets cleared in what was obviously a justified shooting. So I went about to set up a gofundme for him and his family. Interesting thing is… Gofundme did not even allow me to get past the title page of setting up an account for him. As soon as it saw his name (title was Defend Jeronimo Yanez) it stopped the sign up process with a message saying gofundme needs more time to review. And I have not heard a word since. I tried to set it up on Friday afternoon!!! I find it interesting and an outrage! Gofundme is clearly racist. Denying donations to a police officer but allowing them for gangbangers?!? Wtf is going on?! I thought you would like to know and perhaps you could go try to start one for him and see what happens. It’s insane. It’s clear that gofundme has already decided who is guilty and who is innocent in this.

Our sent us posted screenshots.

image_1  image_3image_4

Is GoFundMe for gang bangers and not cops?

Be sure to ask GoFundMe why it’s down with giving money to potential criminals but not our boys in blue on Twitter.

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