Katherine Fung
The Huffington Post
July 21, 2011

The now-shuttered News of the World has been at the center of New Corp.’s phone hacking scandal, but new developments indicate that the rest of Fleet Street and Murdoch’s other papers may not be far behind.

On Wednesday, Prime Minister David Cameron announced the creation of a panel to investigate the culture and practices of British newsrooms. He called it naive to think that phone hacking was limited to Murdoch-owned newspapers, and declared that broadcasters and social media would also be examined.

The wide scope of the investigation was announced the same day that Hugh Grant and former girlfriend Jemima Khan won a court order for police evidence that may show private investigator Glenn Mulcaire hacked their voice mailboxes for the News of the World and what their attorneys said were “other [unnamed] newspapers.” As the New York Times noted, the court filings mark the first accusation that Mulcaire, who was supposed to be working solely for the News of the World, may have been spying for other papers on the side.

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