Hillary Clinton wore a heavy coat to an outdoor fundraiser in Nantucket, Mass., on Sunday, despite the warm weather all day – and her body language suggested she was in pain while stepping off a plane.

Given that the temperature reached a high of 75°F, Hillary’s jacket choice seemed odd and only fuels further speculation that something’s seriously wrong with her health, especially given her trouble with stairs.

Additionally, she took a private jet to travel 20 miles instead of a helicopter which would have made more sense. Do the vibrations and inertia of helicopter rides cause her problems?

A jet can’t even reach cruise altitude on a 20-mile trip; it’s practically unheard of for someone to take a jet for such a short trip – and given Hillary’s health history, there’s likely a physical ailment responsible for her choice of transportation.

Hillary apparently suffers from Parkinson’s or a similar disease and experiences seizures, sources inside the Secret Service told Infowars on the condition of anonymity.

She also suffers near-comatose freeze-ups during speeches as well as blood clots, a concussion and severe coughing fits.

Multiple health professionals have also independently raised concerns about Hillary’s health, with some even suggesting her neurological capacity is severely degraded.

“The very fact that she’s having these clots and she’s had two bouts of thrombosis is disconcerting to say the least,” Rutgers University Professor of Medicine Bob Lahita told Fox Business. “…You go back to the history of our presidents and we’ve had many presidents up until Lyndon Johnson who’ve concealed their health during their campaigns and it had dire effects for our country, going from Kennedy to Roosevelt, to Woodrow Wilson whose wife ran the White House for some time – so we have issues here and I think both candidates should be very forthcoming and perhaps have an impartial panel of physicians review the data and make that kind of decision before Americans go to the polls.”

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