Congresswoman Maxine Waters is flying first class, despite a government shutdown which has furloughed hundreds of thousands of federal workers, a reporter documented Tuesday.

Snapped by The Daily Caller’s Benny Johnson, the photo reportedly shows “Mad Maxine” in the first class section of a flight to DC reading a newspaper article (about herself, no less), as the reporter claims he sat in the last row of the airliner.

Waters is one of the more outspoken Trump-resisting Democrat lawmakers refusing to negotiate with the president on his bid to secure funding to build a wall on the southern US border with Mexico.

Just last week she paid lip service to the hundreds of thousands of furloughed federal government workers who’ve gone without paychecks due to the impasse.

The California congresswoman’s first class trip illustrates the hypocrisy of Democrats who claim to care about unpaid federal workers as they continue to spend lavishly.

President Trump also shined the spotlight on House Leader Nancy Pelosi last week by canceling her flight on a military plane as she attempted to flee the country for a multi-day excursion instead of working on a compromise to end the shutdown.

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