The narrative surrounding this official image is simply NOT credible.

Aaron Dykes
January 4, 2012

Compare other lies published in official White House moments(COMMENTARY) The official photo released by the White House showing President Obama with his head hung low, sunken after receiving news of the terrible Sandy Hook shooting massacre is undoubtedly a powerful image.

It has been rightfully criticized by many for its blatant hypocrisies — releasing it weeks after the event for the sheer purpose of exploiting tragedy to push for gun control, all while ignoring the “collateral damage” deaths of children, women and other non-combatant innocents in the War on Terror and on-going drone strikes.

But further, the narrative surrounding this official image is simply NOT credible. We’ve been lied to and manipulated too much before.

The timing of its release, weeks after the tragedy, is purely calculated to play heartstrings in attempt to convince the country to accept gun control (which would not have prevented this tragedy, nor future tragedies).

Paul Joseph Watson wrote:

The release of the photo three weeks after the shooting seems to have no other purpose than to act as a poster child for the White House’s ongoing gun grabbing agenda, set to begin in earnest with California Senator Dianne Feinstein’s draconian gun control bill.

After all, we have just witnessed the president shedding crocodile tears during a televised press conference where he read the children’s names and pretended to weep over their loss.

The much discussed official White House photo of the Obama Administration reacting live to a feed of the Bin Laden raid was an admitted staged hoax.

Despite a quickly circulated narrative portraying the president and his team as decisive and in the loop, that tense cabinet moment, including Hillary Clinton’s dramatic hand-over-the-mouth gasp, was not captured while watching SEAL Team 6 in action. The CIA admitted it plainly, while a photo analysis strongly suggests that airbrushing was used to enhance Hillary’s presence in the photo.

Nevertheless, the corporate-owned collaborative media went out of its way to dramatize and lionize the moment. Consider USA Today’s impacting headline: White House held breath during bin Laden raid.

Don’t believe known liars. Just stop it.

The establishment — over the course of many presidents — has deliberately told lie after lie to sell the public on wars, false flag attacks, new policies and the power of the system itself. Is our system so different from the classical Communist regimes that employed state-owned media and put out crafted images, statues and larger-than-life legends to propagandize its populations into loving their Dear Leader?

Was it genuine when a captive inner party shed tears over the death of Kim Jong Il in North Korea? Western media didn’t buy it. Why would we now buy another narrative from a two-party dictatorship with no credibility, a sagging public image and fresh intents to scale back and weaken the Bill of Rights and Constitution? (See Salon: Repeal the Second Amendment).

Stop believing it, and never forget that even an outright repeal of the Second Amendment CANNOT abolish the right of free people to keep and bear arms. Firstly, the Second Amendment states that the right “shall not be infringed.” But moreover, that right is God-given and merely recognized and enumerated in the Bill of Rights and Constitution — it was never granted by men, and cannot be taken away by men except through illegitimate force or the psychological domination of a dumbed-down people.

Aaron Dykes is a writer, research, reporter, video producer and host for the Infowars Nightly News and Alex Jones’ array of multimedia platforms. He graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Radio-Television-Film and government.

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