While your kids at school get the slop that Michelle Obama dictates that they do, her kids get something, um, different.

At their exclusive private school, the Obama daughters get food far better than you’d get at home, or in most restaurants.

Michelle Obama has made childhood obesity her pet issue, much like Nancy Reagan did with drugs or Laura Bush did with literacy. Fair enough.

However, the first lady’s nutritional strictures have left school lunches a little, um, not lunch-like.

It may lead you to wonder what Michelle’s kids are getting.

Well, wonder no further! We have what Sasha and Malia are getting at the Sidwell Friends School in Washington, D.C. (H/T Mad World News).


This is potato sausage soup, one of the dishes served. Alas, not halal, so not all of the president’s interest groups were well served by this.


This is firecracker slaw, which the Obama kids will have until Sen. Feinstein takes away anything that resembles or has the name “firecracker.”


This is the California chef’s salad, probably used to placate the aforementioned Sen. Feinstein.


Jamaican jerk chicken wings.


Sweet potato black bean bake.


Sauteed greens!


Gemelli alfredo!


Greasy cheese sticks (I think), watery red sauce, and … whatever that is in the baggie.

Oh, wait. Sorry, this is one of the new Michelle Obama lunches that have been shared by frustrated public school students on Twitter. My bad.


Pineapple slices! (Okay, that’s a little weak.)

In case you’re wondering, the Sidwell Friends School costs over $36,000 a year, so it’s probably unsurprising their meals look slightly better than U.S. Airways coach class fare.

The problem here is the interjection of the first lady into the lives of our children. If she wants to make their existence demonstrably worse, I suppose that’s okay — as long as she subjects her kids to the same fate.

She’s unwilling to, and what a surprise.

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