Mexican flags were waving at the rally of failed Senate candidate Robert “Beto” O’Rourke tonight as he denounced the effort to build a wall to protect America.

Those weren’t the only two. Here’s another:

And another:

Meanwhile, vendors were hawking 2020 merch for the Beto groupies hoping he’ll run for president.

There’s buttons:

And t-shirts:

Alex Jones issues a dire warning about a massive caravan of illegal immigrants heading north from Central and South America to swarm the unfortified portions of the U.S. border. An unprecedented poll of Central and South Americans reveals that over 5 million people plan to usurp immigration laws.

Organizers claim there were 7,000 in attendance, but estimates from photos and videos don’t seem to back that up.

President Trump mocked O’Rourke’s attempt to counter his rally. Trump estimated 200-300 people were at the counter-rally.

The President said 35,000 attended his event.

Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale took to Twitter to break it down, saying Trump had 8,000 inside, and “tens of thousands outside.”

He said there were over 70,000 RSVPs.

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