Michelle Obama’s school lunch program serves some of the worst – if not the worst – school food in the world when compared to photos of school lunches from other countries.

Schools in Spain, Italy and even debt-ridden Greece serve sautéed shrimp, fresh fish and baked chicken for lunch whereas American schools serve barely edible food that’s hard to identify, all thanks to school lunch restrictions championed by Michelle O.

“When lunch ends, I feel that the trash cans are more full than my stomach,” high school student student Lindsey Russell told the Fort Mill Times. “If I don’t want an apple or piece of bread and I am handed them, I can guarantee that it will end up going to waste.”

Schools in Nebraska had so much wasted food that they began shipping the leftovers to worm farms.

“They can see how their waste is going to be turned into a useful product rather than going into a landfill,” school recycling coordinator Brittney Albin said.

Michelle O. claims the restrictions encourage students to eat healthier, but since the rules were implemented, 1.4 million students have stopped eating school lunches, which has led to sharp declines in revenue for school districts across the country.

On top of that, schools are also struggling to find foods that meet the strict standards.

“Schools have struggled with availability of foods that meet the new standards and student acceptance of new menus,” the School Nutrition Association stated. “For instance, Cornell and Brigham Young University researchers found that the new mandate forcing students to take a fruit or vegetable with every meal, even if they don’t intend to eat it, has increased waste by 100%, with an estimated $684 million of fruits and vegetables thrown in the trash each school year.”

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