New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on Wednesday joined the list of hypocritical politicians and celebrities who call for further gun control, whilst being surrounded by armed guards.

In an orchestrated photo op, Cuomo took to the streets of Lower Manhattan and joined protests against gun owners and the NRA.

Cuomo even lay down on the ground with protesters as they conducted a ‘die-in’ and chanted ‘enough is enough’ in response to the recent school shooting in Florida.

Twitter users noted, however, that the governor was surrounded by armed security guards watching his every move:

Here is Cuomo flanked by his armed heavies:

The armed security guards can be seen in this video:

Cuomo joins Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders on the list of hypocrites.

Hillary tweeted the following:

Meanwhile she stepped out in India with a security guard toting a huge rifle:

Sanders gave a speech outside the Capitol at an anti-gun rally, whilst surrounded by armed security:

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