The mainstream media is wasting no time pushing the narrative that the migrant caravan that stormed the U.S. border Sunday is mostly comprised of women and children, despite evidence that it’s mostly military-age men.

The corporate media is doing this by circulating a picture of a migrant woman with two children running away from tear gas deployed by Customs & Border Protection when migrants began throwing rocks and bottles.

MSNBC, The New York Times, CBS, and The Washington Post also piled on with the same image, insisting the CBP were recklessly attacking women and children.

But multiple video shots and photos show that the caravan is mostly young men, and many reports confirm it’s 80-90% male.

Users on Twitter pointed out the MSM’s false narrative, noting most of the footage of the caravan coming from Tijuana, Mexico shows mostly men storming the U.S. border.

Another user showed mostly men waiting in food lines for the caravan.

The Fake News put out by the mainstream media has reached Orwellian levels, where anything they say turns out to be the opposite.

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