Update (5:03 CST): The reader who sent us this story has an update.

I just spoke to the owner of the property and it was all about the chickens. Someone tipped them off that their chickens were not being taken care of, even though the site is FDA and California approved. The Ontario PD needed to clear the property to secure it for the Humane Society inspectors.

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Police in SWAT gear summoned helicopters and blocked off roads in Ontario, California, today all over an alleged chicken farm inspection.

A California woman who lives nearby photographed men outfitted in black uniforms and others dressed in hazmat gear as they cleared employees from the farm and kept them by the street.

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According to an Infowars listener who anonymously sent us the photos, police replied they were performing an “inspection” with the humane society when asked about the incident.

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“I’ve grown up in rural farm communities (This one has been absorbed by the city and is almost gone) and I have never seen this kind of action taken for a local agency AG inspection,” the listener told us.

“When we asked the Police what was going on they say ‘an inspection’ and I said ‘an inspection really?’ and the officer laughed.”

The man says another neighbor received the same reply from officers.

The Ontario Police Department has not returned Infowars’ request for comment. Should they reach out to us, we will update this article.

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