A physician and former Green Beret has tweeted about the dangers of the ‘body positivity’ movement after Cosmopolitan featured an obese model on the cover of its UK edition.

The October issue of Cosmopolitan magazine in the UK will feature “plus-sized” model Tess Holliday, a “body positivity” activist who weighs almost 300lbs, meaning at a height of 5″5′ she is clinically obese.

TV host Piers Morgan slammed the decision to feature Holliday, writing that the cover “is just as dangerous & misguided as celebrating size zero models” given that Britain is battling an obesity crisis.

Holliday responded by telling TMZ, “Worry about what horrible people you are by whining about how me being on the cover of a glossy magazine impacts your small minded life.”

Now physician, investigator and former Green Beret Mike Simpson, M.D. has waded into the debate by pointing out the obvious – that obesity is incredibly unhealthy.

“I do not condone body shaming. But, as a physician, I also cannot condone people pretending that obesity is healthy,” tweeted Simpson. “Beauty may be skin deep, but fat deposits go all the way to your internal organs. Be healthy, live well!”

The tweet was accompanied by an image of a healthy heart and that of an obese person.

According to doctors, obesity is linked with all kinds of horrible illnesses, including heart disease and stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer and osteoarthritis.

As we have repeatedly highlighted, the kind of people who support “body positivity at any size” are also the kind of people who get triggered at the sight of toned, slender women wearing bikinis in commercials.

In other words, “body positivity” is just an excuse that fat, lazy people use to excuse them from doing exercise and not eating like ravenous pigs.

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